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How to Download Facebook Videos
10 months ago

Facebook has grown at a very fast pace and today it has left all social networking sites behind. Video and photo sharing are one of the most important features of Facebook. Gone are the days when people used to share trending videos and images on Facebook, now Facebook itself makes stuff viral. It’s giving tough competition to Google-owned YouTube as well when it comes to video content being consumed on both platforms.

how to download facebook videos on android


Downloading Facebook videos isn’t something which has many solutions and the ways to do it aren’t as popular as downloading YouTube videos. Since the inception of YouTube, people have used different methods to download YouTube videos and save them for later viewing purposes. I’ve read lots of content about how to download Facebook videos online in the past, but each of them had some bugs and many posts took me to many irrelevant pages.


After lots of googling and exploring the web, I found a website “GetFbStuff” which doesn’t just help you in downloading Facebook videos. It also hosts hundreds of thousands of Facebook videos in its directory and it has many other useful features.

The features of the websites are below:

1. Facebook Video Downloading Online

2. Downloading Private Facebook Videos

3. Downloading Facebook Page Photo Album

4. Online Vimeo Video Downloader


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